Kaiya Bug has been profiled on Living The Dream’s Myspace since 2007. Of course we instantly fell in Love with this Little Angel the moment we laid eyes on Her, how could you not… I will admit that when I founded :LTDF, I didn’t expect to profile down syndrome Children, it just never crossed my mind. Luckily for us at Living The Dream, we crossed Kaiya’s path. She’s been a true Hero and Inspiration to all of us that have embraced Her and let Her in our lives. I can say this without hesitation; K-Bug has enriched My Life, and has also brought down syndrome onto the radar of a lot of us that didn’t know much about this disease. Along with Kaiya, comes Her beautiful Mommy and Daddy; Shalee and Dustin. The Bookers have a positive attitude in life that falls nicely into the way we at :LTDF live our lives. We enjoy every moment regardless of what we may be facing, including staring death in the eyes. The Bookers life phrase is “No Bad Days,” not a bad phrase to live by huh? :-)

Kaiya is Living The Dream!!
Love and Respect…